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How Important is Cleansing Your Skin?

Do you think cleansing your skin is an important step in your skin care routine or do you find it to be a tedious task? Surprisingly most people find cleansing the skin to be a very basic and all too often easily skipped part of their regimen. But, here’s the thing; thoroughly cleansing your skin [ ]

A Tribute to My Hero; My Mom

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DIY Anti-Aging Rosehip Seed Oil Serum

This Anti-Aging Rosehip Seed Oil Serum/Oil is a fantastic nighttime treatment for wrinkles, age spots, scarring, and an uneven skin tone. It’s loaded with amazing anti-aging oils that help to rejuvenate, revitalize, and restore a more youthful complexion. It’s super easy to make and will leave your skin looking luminous and gorgeously healthy! Rosehip Seed [ ]

Walnuts Promote Beautifully Soft Skin

Wish your skin would return to its softness of your younger years? There really is something so pure about skin that’s as soft as a baby’s lusciously plump cheeks. Have you ever noticed that when you’re around a very young child or baby you just can’t resist touching their incredibly soft skin? Well, here’s the [ ]The post Walnuts Promote Beautifully Soft Skin appeared first on .

How You Can Easily Diminish Wrinkles with Red Light Therapy

Wrinkles, although a rite of passage in their own right, may be considered well deserved, marks from moments in your past, and clear traverses of wisdom. So, we should embrace their essence and appreciate the crevices that seem to appear overnight, right? Right! Wait, what? I don’t think so! Yes, we have definitely earned our [ ]The post How You Can Easily Diminish Wrinkles with Red Light Therapy appeared first on .

Return to Beautiful Skin Naturally

As we age our skin, unfortunately, begins to cooperate less and less. It produces less collagen and elastin, cell turn over slows down, the reparative processes decrease, and circulation doesn’t operate at optimal levels. So, what’s a girl to do? The reality is that you can easily improve these things and watch your skin glow [ ]The post Return to Beautiful Skin Naturally appeared first on .

5 Anti Aging Rules for Beautiful Skin

5 Anti Aging Skin Care Tips Your skin is the largest organ in your body and is also the first line of defense against a multitude of assaults meaning that it is the first to show visible signs of aging including wrinkles and discoloration. There are 5 simple age-resisting rules you can implement into your [ ]The post 5 Anti Aging Rules for Beautiful Skin appeared first on .

A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for the Skin Savvy Woman

February is upon us and along with it comes a gentle reminder to show that special person in your life how much you love her. Valentine’s Day is peeking around the corner and before you know it, it will be knocking on your door whispering “how are you going to make her feel special?”  Don’t let that wave of panic roll over you, answer with confidence knowing that you are giving the most memorable gift ever.

Mature Skin

If that special woman on your list happens to have more mature skin and is forever searching for the next miracle product that will make her skin look younger then rest easy. There are a number of at home options that will help her look and feel beautifully youthful and healthy.

Red light therapy

Red light therapy offers a unique way to safely and painlessly rejuvenate and renew the skin. Specific LED (light emitting diode) wavelengths bathe the skin in powerful anti-aging properties that have been shown to visibly improve and repair the skin.  Red, yellow, and infrared LEDs (light emitting diodes) have the ability to penetrate deep into the skin where they saturate and permeate skin cells prompting over 24 positive reactions including stimulating collagen and elastin production, increasing cellular energy, and boosting reparative and healing properties. 

When looking for a red light therapy system you will want to make sure it is FDA cleared and divulges the nanometer range of the LEDs.

To find out which system is the most powerful for home use visit

Facial  Exercise

As we age our skin loses its resiliency and bounce causing it to sag making you look much older.  Although, there are a number of reasons this occurs there is one in particular that has a huge impact on the sagging.  As we grow older our facial muscles begin to atrophy and droop pulling the skin down with them.  Facial exercise programs and microcurrent devices target those underlying muscles tightening and toning, increasing circulation, and boosting collagen synthesis.  The Tua Trend is an effective and safe microcurrent device while Facial Magic is a very popular facial exercise program. Either modality would help that special lady tighten and tone her face, jaw, and neck area.


Dealing with acne, whether a teen, tween, or an adult, can have a profoundly negative impact on how they view themselves and how they approach the world.  If someone on your Valentine list is suffering with this frustrating skin condition you can help them by giving them the gift of blue light therapy.

Blue LEDs have a distinctive ability to penetrate into the layers of the skin, engulfing acne, and killing the acne causing bacteria, P. acnes.  As your loved one uses this powerful acne light therapy consistently his/her blemishes will begin to disappear leaving a more beautiful complexion.  You will have the joy of watching their confidence grow as their skin gets brighter and clearer.

There are a number of home systems that are FDA cleared and make a huge difference in preventing and fighting acne.

The Clear Rayz is a uniquely designed system that contains red LEDs on one side and blue LEDs on the other making it extremely convenient and affordable to treat the skin.

As you head out on your quest for the most thoughtful and treasured Valentine’s Day gift remember that these gift ideas are sure to be a huge hit, impossible to beat, and will make her feel good for years and years.

Vitamin C is One Powerful Anti-Aging Genius!

Super Charge Your Skin and Health with Vitamin C You’ve heard it ever since you were a small child that eating lots of oranges or drinking your orange juice would help you stave off any nasty illness floating around keeping you nice and healthy. But vitamin C is also an amazing anti-aging nutrient that helps [ ]The post Vitamin C is One Powerful Anti-Aging Genius! appeared first on .

Quasar MD PLUS

The Quasar MD PLUS is the most powerful red light therapy system available for home use. You can save $200 today and receive free shipping!